Titan Global Sales

Sales: HAMMOND (HAM) ROOT   TEL:(702)809-4311   Email:tsplvham@gmail.com   LAS VEGAS, NV 89193

Pack 20 Each color
Colors Green, Reflector Green, Reflector Black
Side of Sunglasses 'AREA 51' imprinted

Pack 10-laminated
10+ designs-front & back
ETHighway, Nevada, Utah, California, Texas, Hawaii, Arizona, Idaho, Las Vegas, New York

3 kinds 18 inch
Area 51, Myth or Mystery, Believe
Larger, Stronger Clasp

11 inch, really soft green Alien
Sparkle eyes
Hoodie additional

2 ounce shot glass
4 designs- ET HWY, Area 51, Myth or Mystery, Belive

Unbreakable plastic cups
Multiple sizes, LOgo front or back or both extra
Case pack only
Black lids with straw hole extra

Cooling Ties
34"-15"with magic gel
Paws, Las Vegas Welcome Sign, Tye Dye
Camo green, Camo brown, Hawaiian, Gold and Black, Silver and black
Lasts 3 1/2hours, then resoak
Directions included

Rattan(Not Wicker) 8 strand, 9 piece, Indoor, with cushions
Made in Philippines original